SAT, FEB 10, 2024
7:00 PM

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$18 General Admission / $12 Members, Seniors, and Students w/ID 
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Flushing Town Hall is proud to present CelloGayageum, an exceptional intercultural musical duo comprised of cellist Sol Daniel Kim and Gayageum player Dayoung Yoon. Drawing inspiration from the "Pavillon of Unification" in Berlin, a city with a tragic history of war, division, and reunification, they have seamlessly blended the musical cultures and instruments of the cello and Gayageum to create a harmonious symbiosis in both sound and style.

Formed in 2016, CelloGayageum has gained worldwide recognition and accolades. They were honored with the prestigious Soorim Culture Prize, and their debut album, South Wave, North Wind, was produced with the help of a grant from the Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture. Moreover, they were named "Artist of the Year" by the Jeongdong Theater in Seoul, solidifying their place as one of the most exciting and innovative musical acts today.

CelloGayageum's passion for traditional South Korean music is evident in their performances, which have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. They have appeared on several popular Korean primetime TV shows, including KBS, JTBC, and MBN, and have toured extensively throughout Asia, Europe, and beyond. As cultural ambassadors, they are promoting the traditional music culture of South Korea and bridging cultural divides through the universal language of music.

In short, CelloGayageum is not just a musical duo, but a phenomenon. Their unique fusion of instruments and musical styles creates a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. By showcasing the beauty and richness of South Korean music to audiences around the world, they are redefining what it means to be a global musical act.


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LOCATION:  Flushing Town Hall Theater