Napoleon Revels-Bey

Napoleon Revels-Bey is a Moorish-American drummer-percussionist, educator, artist, composer and writer.  Since 1985 Napoleon and his ensembles have lead programs in and after school that include the Jazz, World and modern music, tap, ballroom dance and theatre arts.  His programs are tailored to infuse the learners' academic curriculum with related music to offer a multi-sensory experience. Napoleon has created and facilitated programs for Parents as Art Partners, and received NYSCA Artist grants, for community and school residencies.  He has participated in several artist programs, the Liberty Partnership Program & 21st Century Community Learning Center, National Seminar for Teaching Artists at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Suffolk BOCES AIE C3 Teaching Artist Collaborative.  He has facilitated professional development workshops.  Some of Napoleon's credits include Artist-in-Residence for Flushing Council on Culture and the Arts, Arts Horizon, Institute for Arts and Culture, Tilles Center, Great Neck Arts Center, Friends of the Arts, the Jazz Foundation of America, Jazz In Schools Program. 


The Golden Global Drum

This workshop integrates music and dance and traces African influences originating in West Africa, through ancient Spain, the Caribbean, and early New Orleans. Napoleon explores Flamenco, Cha Cha Cha, and Meringue and its relationship to Louis Armstrong, Dizzy, Tito Puente and the Harlem Renaissance. For Grades 3 and up. 

RHYTHM KINGS: PERCUSSION DISCUSSION (With an Accent on African, Afro-Cuban, Latin Jazz or Steel Pan-The Shiny Drum)

The award winning "Al Andalusia to Dizzy" rhythmic elements of music as they are demonstrated through the different styles from Africa, North & South America and Europe. Choose from our Latin, African of Caribbean Programs. Our program is based on Afro-Cuba music and the styles of Meringue and Cha-Cha, South American Samba, and The African Program, includes Juju and Mozambique with various hand and body drums, homemade instruments, and paper bags. "STEEL PAN-THE SHINY DRUM." The Caribbean Program features the Steel pan and is inspired by music from the islands like Calypso, Reggae and Limbo. For Grades 3 and up.