Lunar New Year Chinese Temple Bazaar

SUN, FEB 14, 2021
2:00 PM

Flushing Town Hall greatly appreciates the sponsors of the 2021 Lunar New Year Chinese Temple Bazaar: Tai Wang and Glow Foundation (Title Sponsor), The Andy Li Team at Compass, The Parc Hotel, Shandong Association, Shanghai Commercial Bank, and President of Flushing Town Hall Veronica Tsang. A special thank you to Flushing Town Hall’s Chinese Cultural Committee and Amy Mak Chan for their ongoing support.

For centuries, people in China have celebrated the Lunar New Year in temple fairs with performances and food to start off a good year. This year, we will celebrate together virtually. Please join us for lively performances, arts and crafts, and food demonstrations to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Ox and the final stretch of harsh winter before the spring renewal.

This free virtual event will feature a feast of Lunar New Year celebrations, including traditional folk dance by the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company; “Hao Bang Ah, New Year!”, a new Chinese hand puppet performance by Chinese Theatre Works; a paper-cutting demonstration by Hongyi He and Ling Tang; a Chinese comic crosstalk episode; "A Guide of New York Love", by Shuimu Xiangsheng; and, a fish-drawing demonstration by Arthur Liu of the Queens Arts Center. And, for those seeking culinary experiences, tune in to see classic Lunar New Year dishes: sweet and savory rice ball demonstration by Queens Night Market’s Wanda Chiu; a meatball dish called “braised lion head” by Queens Night Market’s Johnson Hu; and, a whole fish demonstration by Glow Community Center.


每逢農曆年節,炎黃子孫都聚集在廟會前熱鬧慶祝新年。今年法拉盛文藝中心將與大小朋友在線上一齊迎接牛年,在寒冬中迎春。來體驗與農曆新年相關的傳統藝術表演、民藝示範、年菜示範等各式文化活動!Tai Wang and Glow Foundation 是本節目的冠名贊助人。


Please consider a gift to support the ongoing Chinese projects and get a chance to say Happy New Year to our Temple Bazaar audience!



  • Title Sponsor of 2021 Temple Bazaar virtual program, to be recognized in all marketing eblasts (sent weekly to 14k+ subscribers) promoting the event
  • One Salon Event – a private hour-long virtual arts event to be tailored to you, your interests, and your guests. Date, theme, and entertainment to be agreed upon between sponsor and FTH Executive & Artistic Director. 
  • Other tailored benefits based on sponsor’s interests
    • Plus all previous sponsor benefits  


  • Your name acknowledged in four Chinese cultural related programs during FTH’s January to June 2021 season
  • One greeting video (30 seconds) appears once in the 2021 Temple Bazaar virtual program (Deadline: 1/27/2021;  Format: standard HD video with 1920 x 1080 pixel, recording in a horizontal position) 
    • Plus all previous sponsor benefits 


  • Your advertisement appears in the beginning and the ending of 2021 Temple Bazaar virtual program (Deadline: 1/27/2021;  Format: 1920 (w) x 1080 (h) pixel; JPEG or PNG file) 
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  • Your name acknowledged in the 2021 Temple Bazaar virtual program 
  • Your name and logo included in Temple Bazaar marketing materials (all production deadlines apply)
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  • Your name listed in Temple Bazaar marketing materials (all production deadlines apply):
    • Temple Bazaar webpage and email announcements 
    • Press release in various languages 
    • Plus previous sponsor benefit


  • One two-second video saying the exact phrase "Happy New Year from (one group/individual name)" in the language of your choice. (Deadline: 1/27/2021;  Format: standard HD video with 1920 x 1080 pixel, recording in a horizontal position)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ya Yun Teng, Chinese Project Director at


法拉盛文藝中心的華人文化類節目需要您的支持,也歡迎您在 2021華人新年廟會中亮相,向大家拜年!



  • 2021新年廟會冠名贊助人,頭銜將列於新年廟會相關宣傳品,包括有14k 訂閱戶的文藝電子週報
  • 一場客製沙龍活動,依您和您的貴賓興趣訂製長達60分鐘的線上藝文活動。法拉盛文藝中心的行政暨藝術總監將與您一同決定日期、主題、表演家等細節。
  • 其他為您特別量身訂做的回饋
    • 另外再享下面資助方案回饋


  • 於2021年1月至6月間舉辦的3場華人文化類活動中被公開鳴謝
  • 錄製30秒拜年短片,在2021年華人新年廟會裡,向大家拜年!(HD高畫質影像,解析度1920x1080像素;手機以橫向方式拍攝;短片截稿日期:1/27/2021)
    • 另外再享下面資助方案回饋


  • 彩色廣告於2021新年廟會節目開場及結束時於螢幕上播出(影像解析度1920(w)x1080(h)像素;JPEG或PNG檔;廣告圖檔截稿日期:1/27/2021)
    • 另外再享下面資助方案回饋


  • 單位或個人名稱於2021新年廟會受主辦單位公開鳴謝
  • 單位或個人名稱及LOGO刊登於新年廟會相關宣傳品(請注意截稿日期)
    • 另外再享下面資助方案回饋


  • 單位或個人名稱刊登於新年廟會相關宣傳品(請注意截稿日期):
    • 廟會網頁及電子宣傳品
    •  多種語言新聞稿
      • 另外再享下面資助方案回饋


  • 錄製2秒拜年短片,在2021年華人新年廟會裡,用您喜愛的語言向大家拜年!(短片最長2秒,使用標準賀年詞「 (僅一單位或個人名稱)祝您新年快樂」;HD高畫質影像,解析度1920x1080像素;手機以橫向方式拍攝;短片截稿日期:1/27/2021)



LOCATION:  FTH at HOME (Virtual Venue)





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