emergentSEAS: an Exhibition by Buena Onda Collective

JUN 15 - JUL 7, 2024
12:00 PM

emergentSEAS presented by Buena Onda Collective at Flushing Town Hall, exhibits five years of rewilding socially engaged art centered on climate justice and interspecies collaboration from the shores of Far Rockaways, New York. Join us for an engaging, mind-boggling, interactive experience that traverses through the rhizomatic creativity, community care, and ecology of the Rockaways. 

Partnering with formidable grassroots organizations like Laru Beya Collective, RISE, Rockaway Film Festival, and Edgemere Farm, emergentSEAS shines a spotlight on the magic and stewardship of our incredible community. Witness firsthand the power of collaboration as we weave together art, activism, and advocacy for a more sustainable future.

In 2019, Camila A. Morales and Dominika Ksel founded Buena Onda following a serendipitous meeting amidst the winter waves of Rockaway Beach. Their shared passion for the ocean and sustainable artmaking has since blossomed into a dynamic practice that utilizes reclaimed materials and integrates cutting-edge technology to foster community involvement, ecological awareness, and interdependent futures!

Come explore installations that not only challenge but reimagine our ecological footprint through multi-species collaboration and immersive experiences around climate resiliency. Our work is a call to action, inviting you to engage deeply with our environment and each other, nurture healing and innovative relationships with sentient and non-sentient organisms.

Participate in workshops, experience mixed-reality installations, and witness how art can lead community transformation. For more information, to ask questions, or to propose a collaboration, please contact Buena Onda Collective at or follow us on Instagram @buenaondacollective.

About Buena Onda:
In 2019, Buena Onda (camila a. morales & dominika ksel) formed during a chance encounter in the chilly winter seas of Rockaway Beach. Quickly, we realized a shared love for the ocean and creating artworks that reframe our ecological imprint through technology, consciousness and community. Our artistic vision is guided via eco-centricity, integrating multi-species interaction & collaboration while using sustainable & reclaimed materials that manifest into dynamic and holistic community experiences. As immigrants coming from countries displaced by dictatorship, we connected on our activism, care and desire to integrate novel experiences that bring people and various sentient and non-sentient life forms together for the purpose of healing, shifting relationships and building new paradigms. Our practice examines the knowledge and systems of ecotechnologies and frameworks of ecosophy, queer ecology and deep listening. These ideas manifest in experiential public installations, sculptures, mixed-reality and workshops creating a future where under-represented communities have access to a social art practice that connects them with public spaces and their extended ecologies.

Dominika and Camila are educators who currently teach at NYU IDM, CUNY, and conduct free public workshops that bridge, ecology, open source DIY art making (3D modeling, mixed reality, machine learning, game design, sound & video production, coding and circuit board design) with more analog techniques in printmaking, photography,sculpture & performance.

Schedule of Events (Flushing Town Hall's Gallery is open 12 - 5pm, 7 days a week):

emergentSEAS Opening Reception

Saturday, June 15 | 2 - 5pm

Hidden Worlds of Rockaway: Kaleidoscope Making Workshop
Wednesday, June 19 | 2 - 4pm


LOCATION:  Flushing Town Hall Gallery



emergentSEAS Opening Reception

SAT, JUN 15, 2024

Hidden Worlds of Rockaway: Kaleidoscope Making Workshop

WED, JUN 19, 2024