Week #1: Colombian Music with FTH Teaching Artist Martin Vejarano 


Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist Martin Vejarano invites you to explore the rhythms of Colombia using simple homemade instruments. Using plastic buckets for drums, wooden spoons for drumsticks and a homemade shaker you will be able to explore four different rhythms from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Colombia. These rhythms are as unique and diverse as Colombia's culture which mixes Indigenous, African and European heritage. Please try these all-ages, family-friendly activities and show us how you make music with them.


Our lessons kick-off with an introduction to Colombian rhythms by Flushing Town Hall Teaching Artist Martin Vejarano. Martin is a musician, composer, teacher, and bandleader. You may have seen him on stage at Flushing Town Hall with his group: La Cumbiamba show, but we will join him at his apartment in Queens. Like you, he's improvising with things at-hand. So grab a plastic bucket, two wooden spoons, and two metal spoons and let's make some music together with Martin!


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Day 1 

Cumbia is a style of dance music from the Atlantic coast of Colombia that uses traditional instruments such as the indigenous gaita flutes & maraca, and the Afro-Colombian drums: alegre drum, tambora drum and llamador. drum. Cumbia is also played with European instruments such as: clarinet, accordion, trumpet and guitar, to name a few.

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Day 2 

Porro Chocoano/Aguabajo- is a musical style and dance that comes from Chocó, a north pacific area of Colombia and features marching band percussion instruments, brass and woodwinds (Clarinet, Euphonium, Sax, snare drum, hand cymbals etc..) 

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Day 3

Currulao is a folkoric dance music from the south pacific coast of Colombia, the African marimba is the main instrument in Currulao and vovals are quite predominantly in the genre. 

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Day 4 

Champeta is a style of dance originating with the African descendants from Congo in Cartagena, Colombia. The music is festive and highly energetic. 

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Day 5

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