Check some of our staff's favorite restaurants in Flushing!

35-25 Farrington St., Flushing NY 11354
(718) 445-3352
Come discover Flushing's hidden gem...
Located adjacent to The Marco LaGuardia Hotel & Suites. Magna Ristorante features fine cuisine and a cozy Italian inspired atmosphere. Perfect for any occasion. Special pre or post-show Pre Fixe Dinner & Lunch available!
5729 Main St. Flushing
(718) 961-0263
THE SLICE OF LIFE. Pizza, pasta & a whole lot more. Dine in, Take out, Free delivery, Over 50 varieties of pizza!
138-28 Northern Blvd., past Union St.
(718) 461-0909
Kum Gang San has an incredible menu of traditional Korean food, including marinated BBQ and grilled fish. They serve great side dishes and also offer Japanese food on its menu. The restaurant is open 24-hours and accommodates both small and big parties.
63-88 Woodhaven Blvd. in Rego Park
(718) 894-8084
London Lennie's is one of the finest fresh seafood and best oyster bars in New York-not to mention a great steak, too!
136-21 37th Ave., right off of Main St.
(718) 539-3838
Joe's Shanghai is known for its tasty soup-filled dumplings, steamed soup buns, scallion pancakes and fried noodles
135-18 Roosevelt Ave. between Main St. and Prince St.
(718) 461-9305
Ten Ren Teahouse is a charming spot where both hot and cold teas are served to go, including black tea, green tea and bubble tea. The Taiwanese-specialty teashop also sells beautiful teapots, teacups and tea sets.
37-47 74th St. in Jackson Heights
Jackson Diner is known throughout New York City for its authentic Indian delicacies. The restaurant serves great appetizers and large lunch and dinner portions.