Zhou Yi

Praised for her “breathtaking” meticulous technique and expressiveness by the Washington Post, pipa (a Chinese plucked string instrument) soloist and educator, Zhou Yi graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in China. She is the artistic director of the Ba Ban Chinese Music Society of NY.

Zhou Yi lectures in Queens and Brooklyn public libraries; performing musical demonstrations for students in grades 1-5. Her private students earned top scores in a number of musical arts programs and have been awarded in televised talent shows. Zhou Yi has taught at Carnegie Hallʼs Music Explorer educational program, the China Institute in America’s music program, and China National Traditional Orchestraʼs U.S. tour.

Zhou Yi has performed at Flushing Town Hall, with the Young Peopleʼs Concert with the New York Philharmonic, with the Ohio Youngstown Symphony Orchestra, as well as for international concert halls. 



Chinese Traditional and Folk Music Assembly

Chinese music represents thousands of years of history. From bamboo flutes to silk stringed zithers and lutes; from ancient music along the northern Silk Road to modern pop in southern cities, award-winning pipa virtuoso Zhou Yi and dizi (a Chinese transverse flute) soloist Yimin Miao take young audiences on a musical odyssey to explore the relationships of music, language, history, culture, and Eastern philosophy. This entertaining, informative and interactive program encourages students to try Chinese instruments and percussion with the musicians on stage. A short question-answer period will follow. Bilingual (English and Chinese). For all ages

Chinese Traditional and Folk Music Workshop/Residency

This interactive program explores the relationship between Chinese music, language, history, and culture. Students will create their own simple version of Chinese stringed and percussion instruments by using a variety of tools and materials. Students are also encouraged to interact with the instruments to express their feelings; create their own music or collaborate as a team. This program can be developed into a 10-week residency. Bilingual (English and Chinese). For all ages

Chinese Traditional and Folk Music Lecture/Demonstration

Chinese music is used for pleasure, religious ceremonies, announcements, dance, entertainment, and to communicate with nature. Traditional scholars were also master musicians. In Chinese philosophy, the character for “music” shares the same shape for “happiness.” It contains the symbol of “medicine” to indicate that music has healing powers. Through the demonstration of iconic Chinese instruments, this lecture discusses notations, scales and phrase structures; music history and its major schools, different styles/regions/periods; and the relationship between music and art. A short question-answer will follow. For college level